Ecstatic chants of Shakti – 29th June


7.00pm – 10.00pm Saturday 29th June

Santosha Yoga Space, Paddington

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This uplifting community event is an opportunity to gather together in circle and unite our voices through sacred sound. A beautiful ritual space will be created to support us to drop into our hearts. We will sit in circle, evoking a feeling of togetherness – a balm for the disconnect that prevails in the modern age! ♥️
This chanting circle will be led by Jasmine and friends with a selection of chants to awaken Shakti – the Divine Feminine life force within – a force that awakens, empowers, nurtures, heals and unites.
The mantras we sing will empower our intentions and prayers, inspiring us to live as love as we walk this earth. 🌏Chants will be sung in Sanskrit and words will be provided so it is easy to join in – no experience is required!
*** All are welcome!!! ***
Chants will be interspersed with silent meditation to sit and soak in the vibrant silence that chanting opens up.
::: The power of chanting in a group :::
Chanting alters our consciousness quickly and raises our vibration into a frequency of Love.
In the energy of group chanting, a powerful purification happens. Our mind-identified consciousness drops away easily as we expand into a more unified awareness -the boundless space of the heart.In remembering our interconnectedness with all, a deep healing happens. We remember who we really are, and what really matters.
::: Why mantras? :::
Mantras are sacred sounds in Sanskrit – an ancient language of light that has the power to create a meditative state of mind. At this event we will sing mantras to melodies, accompanied by instruments such as the harmonium, guitar and drum.
Singing mantras spontaneously awakens our heart’s devotion – or Bhakti, typically inducing euphoria in the ones singing!
Mantras are medicine. They are healing force, and you will quickly feel and experience just how quickly chanting alters our state of consciousness.
Although the mantras have meanings, the resonance is what we feel, and knowing the meaning is not important. That said, the specific mantras we chant on this night could be described as love songs from our deepest heart, and prayers for humanity and Mother Earth.
We will be invoking the energies of the Divine Mother’s fierce compassion, power to liberate, benevolence, serenity, grace and generosity. We will chant mantras to invoke our inner power, align us with our hearts, and to awaken this divine feminine energy within us.

CHAI + TREATS available for purchase (bring some change!) 🍰
We will gather at 7.00 pm, taking a chai break midway through. Krissi Kalm will be offering us a delicious sound healing to end the evening!
10% of all profits will be donated to support women’s health in Nepal


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