Shakti Yoga 4-week course


The sessions will run on the first four Saturdays of June – 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd from 10.30am til 1pm at Santosha Yoga Space, Paddington in Brisbane.
Each session is two and half hours which allows us to enter slowly, drop in deeply, and gives plenty of time for the nurturing and integration of the restorative yoga practice and deep relaxation !  Read more about Shakti Yoga here
* Bookings non-refundable but can be transfered into another woman’s name with at least 48 hours notice *

What it includes: 

  • 4 x 2.5 hour sessions – each one a retreat in its own right in the beautiful sanctuary that is Santosha Yoga Space in Paddington
  • a booklet of restorative yoga poses for feminine vitality
  • a bottle of flower essence – pink flowering eucalyptus – a special remedy I created for feminine vitality and abundance
  • An offering of sacred oils, mists and all kinds of yummy fragrant potions and plant medicines to awaken the senses at each session – I only use the very best and most pure oils and products. 

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This progressive journey will unfold across four weeks within an intimate circle of women (this course will be capped at 12 women).  Each gathering in our beautifully decorated temple space begins with an opening ritual, meditation and invocation and concludes with a closing ritual, including a ceremonial anointing with fragrant rose oil 🌹 Time will be allowed for sharing and questions after the formal closing of our practice and tea will be served. 
Shakti Yoga is a deeply grounding practice for women that brings us home into our bodies and into deeper intimacy with ourselves and with Life.
“Shakti” is a powerful Sanskrit word that could be translated as feminine power or feminine energy. It is synonymous with “Goddess” and points to the sacredness of what lies within – often dormant or not tended to – and yet when we reverently turn our attention toward her we are gifted with a knowing of our inner wisdom, power and potential.
In Shakti Yoga we use our bodies, sound and breath to tap into the deep well of Shakti within, moving energy combining classical yogic practices along with your more instinctual body wisdom.⁣
The body, breath and senses are our portals into presence, awakening and ultimately, ecstasy! But first, the foundational emphasis in these sessions is soothing, strengthening and balancing the nervous system, grounding our awareness in our bodies, unravelling tensions, inviting deep relaxation as the antidote to the nervous energy that many of us are running on in a world that demands we keep a certain pace.
These classes empower you to self-source energy from within you and harness your inner power.
This practice is a rebellion where we reclaim the feminine ways of honouring cycles and rhythms of rest and activity, harnessing energy when it is available and resting when time out is needed, welcoming pleasure and playfulness, and sourcing our energy and power from within and from the earth – which nobody can give or take from us. 
Shakti Yoga
This is deep inner alchemical work that taps us into our well of Shakti – a potent force for healing, rejuvenation, transformation, or basically whatever medicine we are needing – we learn to access and trust this intelligence within to guide us.
Gentle and gradual in its approach yet profound and effective for those willing and ready to dive deep as we peel pack layers and align with the vibratory force of Shakti as energy, power, wisdom and creativity.



This 4-week course will be a progressive, transformative + powerful cultivation of Shakti – creative energy – that arises out of mystical Yogini practice combined with the wisdom of the earth and elements.

In this course you will learn the foundations of Shakti Yoga through embodied enquiry, including:

  • How to awaken and harness Shakti – the creative force within – for healing, transformation, energisation, creativity.
  • How to connect with your body’s innate wisdom and tune into the whispers within, developing a deeper trust in the intelligence that is your inner compass
  • How to unravel tensions – physical, emotional, mental and energetic – from the body through a combination of asana (yoga postures) and organic movement
  • The art of grounding for relaxation, vitality and embodiment
  • Becoming familiar with the sensation of being rooted in the ground of your being and the strength of your center – claiming your sovereignty as woman and embodying your feminine power
  • The art of rest and deep surrender for rejuvenation, dropping beneath ‘ordinary’ consciousness, to access the deeper wisdom within and restore the balance in our bodies and energy system.
  • Ways of breathing to clear, centre, ground and awaken energy.
  • Opening the voice – allowing natural sounding as a healing intelligence and harnessing the power of sacred sound vibration (Mantras)
  • How to access Source (creative) energy from within our feminine energy centres and the earth 
  • How to bring awareness to the subtle energy body and chakras (energy centers)
  • Unlocking dormant energy in the hips and cultivating creative energy for pleasure, vitality and spiritual awakening and accessing the wisdom of the womb space. There will be the invitation to practice Shakti Yoga with a jade (yoni) egg if desired.
  • Fine-tuning the senses as portals to feminine awakening; honouring our sensuality as sacred and the body as a temple
  • Awakening the feminine heart, emotional alchemy and cultivating self-compassion and the capacity to self-nurture 


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