Untaming the Serpent – 9-week women’s temple group June/July 2020


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She who sleeps in the base of the spine, coiled and dreamy, is stirring now. ⁣She is longing for our gaze to be cast upon her. To drink of our love.


To dance through our spine and swirl in our pelvis. ⁣
She IS the Goddess. The primordial Shakti that surges from deep within. Oceanic in her immensity. Fiery in her intensity. Orgasmic as she uncoils herself. ⁣

If we revere rather than resist her, she will lovingly untie the knots that keep us bound so that we can access our true inner power ~ SHAKTI ~⁣


She is our PASSION + our POWER.  She demands that we be in truth.⁣

This 9-week temple group is devoted to her – the serpent power within each woman, whose intense desire is our awakening. ⁣⚡️


This is a potent opportunity to gather weekly in an intimate and sacred circle of women in a powerful container for transformation.  This is for women ready to own their MAGIC, their POWER and their WILD and untamed feminine self.
♥ Sisterhood   ♥ Sacred sensuality   ♥ Womb wisdom    Ritual   ♥ Devotion

::ONLY EIGHT PLACES AVAILABLE:::  This is an intimate container for women ready to journey in the spirit of sisterhood

A lavish sacred space will be created for us to deepen in relationship with the serpent energy- the primordial Shakti that surges from deep within.We will meet her through our bodies, breath, sound and in connection with each other.

The temple is a space to let your hair down completely, unguard your heart and experience true connection with other women. To be seen; be heard; and be felt – as you are.

This is an opportunity to shed skins and truly embrace and to radiate the truth of your inner essence beneath all concepts of “pretty”, “pleasing” and “acceptable”.

We meet weekly on Wednesday nights – alternating between in-person meetings in our Paddington temple and Zoom meetings in the comfort of your own home (or wherever you are!).
In person temple nights are from 6.30-9pm on 3rd June (opening circle), 17th June, 1st July, 15th July, 29th July(closing circle)
Every other week we meet on Zoom (free online conference program) for a 90 minute check in from 7 – 8.30pm. Our zoom dates are 10th June, 24th June, 8th July, 22nd July
We will co-create a container for transformation and a precious bonding, committing to showing up authentically and to support and witness each others’ unfolding.
The women’s temple is a powerful vortex – once we claim our seat in the circle, a special mystery and magic weaves its way into our lives in all kinds of wondrous ways. The power of the circle ripples into our lives.
The temple group is is a ritual space where time is devoted to deep listening – to ourselves and each other. Full permission is granted to feel, to express, to show up exactly as you are. Here, the sensual is revered: Breath, sound, touch and scent are our healing mediums. Beauty abounds in an atmosphere of safety and support. ❤️
All of this melts our hard edges and softens our heart, inviting us into presence, receptivity and relaxation – requisites for deep feminine nourishment & awakening.
The beauty of the temple and what unfolds inside the temple doors points us toward the indwelling goddess, awakening remembrance of our divine feminine nature ~ Shakti ~ through ritual and embodied practice rooted in the Yogini tradition with an earth-based foundation.
Entering the temple of the body, we become more deeply in touch with ourselves and our inner wisdom, resting into the feminine power centres of heart and womb.
The medicine of the Women’s Temple is in showing up exactly as you are. By leaning in to the support of the circle, we are able to navigate the challenges that arise during our time together and to open to the gifts they bring.
In circle, we have each other – we remember we were never meant to do it alone. Together, we access superpower that we could not access on our own.

ASLAN HOUSE in Paddington, central Brisbane is a warm space with rugs, cushions, timber floors located in the heart of Paddington’s Latrobe Terrace.  Here we will gather for our in-person circles with a lavishly adorned altar brings in the medicine of beauty as we journey together. The beauty of our in person meetings is the opportunity to connect through all the senses.

Each temple night will unfold something like this:
♥ Welcome blessing
♥ Opening ritual – meditation, grounding, arriving, clearing
♥ Embodiment practice – movement, sound, touch, dance
♥ Sharing circle
♥ Guided practice/quiet reflection time/dyads etc
♥ Closing circle with tea, something light to eat and oracle cards
** A note on sacred touch practices**
These are a key and much-loved part of these temple nights! When touch is offered and received in an empowering way, it can be a nurturing balm that soothes our nervous system, pumps oxytocin through our bodies (the love hormone) – helping us to soften, open and feel connected.
Touch can be a portal into presence, awakening our sensuality, and is a powerful way to integrate the sharing the happens in these circles. It can equally support our process of moving energy – Shakti – through our bodies rather than having it stay stuck.
At all times all practices offered in circle are optional and you will be encouraged to speak your needs and boundaries. Your sovereignty is a priority in this space.

☥ 5 in-person Shakti Circles – these precious nights in the temple are supercharged and will have you juiced up for days after gathering!

☥ An offering of sacred oils, mists and all kinds of yummy fragrant potions and plant medicines at teach in-person temple night to awaken the senses and support our healing – I only use the very best and most pure oils and products.

☥ Four live check-ins via Zoom between temple nights

☥ Resources such as playlists for your home practice, guided meditations, recommendations, and more!

☥ 15% discount on all my offerings from the moment you book in until the end of the journey – including Shakti Yoga + 1:1 sessions (including Wise Womb healing sessions)

☥ A space to share anytime between circles in our private Facebook group where Jasmine will be active

“Jasmine’s temple nights get you back in touch with the bones, flesh, blood and essence of who you are. I believe these circles are so powerful because of how genuine Jasmine is. You can feel the effort and care that has gone into making each circle special.
The safe, nourishing connection that happens in these small gatherings of women is so powerful and so needed. I always leave feeling full to bursting and the experience always stays with me for days/weeks afterwards.
Messages show up all over the place. It’s like a door has been opened. These women’s circles are very special.” Anna⁣

“Jasmine’s monthly Shakti circles have been delightful and nourishing. Sharing time, sharing space, sharing touch and support with other women is so healing. These regular sessions with a closed group of women really taught me the value and accessibility of Sisterhood. There are very few places in the common world where we can sit and celebrate being women, and grieve with and for women, and dance and play together as women.

The gentle opening to depth and intimacy with my relationship to my own womanhood, and how I relate to other women, has really supported my growth and understanding of the world. Jasmine always goes the extra mile to provide a special, sacred sanctuary to fully arrive into and receive the wisdom of the divine feminine. We laugh, we cry, we share and remember. It is a gift to give yourself to join a group such as this!” GEORGIA

“Jasmine creates and holds space for others on a level that is deeply healing. She allows women to connect to their inner selves and our own unique expression. For me, the practices Jasmine shares are not about becoming an ethereal goddess but staying deeply rooted to the earth and our human-ness, while nurturing our feminine spirit. You will leave shakti circle each time delighted in the fact you experience the gift of being a woman” LUCY

“What an offering you gift to your sisterhood sweet Jasmine Rose…the time and space to love… to be loved..to feel our whole selves so deeply and to hear each other’s hearts. Thank you for the journey…there have been many times in recent years where I’ve wondered if sisterhood is an illusion…where could you find a truthful representation of women sharing time that was free of judgement, competition, self doubt, and staying small? I have marvelled at how our circle has celebrated the opposite of all this. ..Sisterhood is not an illusion!😃 👭👭👭💚💛💜 And I have also loved watching you live your truth and your calling by sharing this work! You are a true shakti goddess!”MERRYL

‘An amazing transformative experience and deep dive into self and what it truly means to be a woman’. – ANDREA

“These beautiful gatherings of women are gentle and yet powerful. I experienced such a deep healing within myself; an awakening of sorts. Through the process certain truths were revealed which prompted me to make changes necessary to live in greater alignment with my truth. Thank you Jasmine for providing this sacred space!” – Lynda
“Jasmine’s Shakti circle has changed the way I view myself and other women. It has opened doors for me to discover and experience deeper layers of mySelf that I was unable to grasp by only practicing yoga asana and meditation. Upon entering the temple, I felt a wave of peacefulness wash over me and the vibrant Shakti energy was ready to be awakened. This feeling continued to flow through my body and into my life for days afterwards. Jasmine carefully weaves a beautiful evening full to the brim with ways we can connect with that deeper part of ourSelf. If you desire a deeper connection with your feminine energy and power, and also crave communion with other women who also feel the same way in a safe and nurturing environment, then this is for you!” – Hayley
“The new-moon Shakti circles facilitated by Jasmine are absolutely gorgeous, rich, healing and nurturing experiences. Each time I have attended one, it has given me and my life a little reset, a breath of beautiful fresh air, clarity and peace that surrounds me for the following days and weeks. Jasmine is a brilliant facilitator. Such a unique, gentle, inspiring, intuitive, subtle, yet powerful woman. She supports and honours every woman in the circle, and expertly intuits and holds a beautiful, nurturing and transformative space.” Ambah
Jasmine Rose is a Brisbane-based Yogini with a particular affinity for the Goddess traditions of India, Nepal and Tibet. She has been offering retreats and circles for women since 2015 at her home Shala amongst the trees in Upper Brookfield.
She draws her inspiration from Mother Nature, the rhythms of the earth, the moon and her own cycle, her beloved teachers and guides; and from her deep inner journey which she has been wholeheartedly devoted to for nearly 10 years.
She is currently an apprentice of Naomi Love on the Wise Womb Medicine path and has studied with Michaela Boehm, Sally Kempton and Chameli Ardagh of the Awakening Women Institute.
Jasmine has undergone initiation into traditional women’s law from Grandmother Elder Aunty Mulara.
She adores witnessing the unique blossoming of the women she works with and is a passionate activist for women’s embodied awakening, blending the wisdom of the Mystical Yogini traditions with the Shamanic healing arts; her background in Psychology (in which she holds a first class honours degree) and her many years experience holding space for women’s deepening journey into themselves.
Instagram: Jasmine.la.rose
Please note that the investment includes both a financial exchange AND a commitment of your time – please ensure you are available for all of the circles (missing two maximum only if absolutely necessary)
Upfront payment of $489 is required to claim your place in this potent journey.
If you would like to request a payment plan, please write to me at hello@jasminerose.co


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