Shakti Circle

Shakti circle - sisterhood

Come and reclaim the power of being woman and enter into the temple where your feminine essence is nurtured, and you are held in the support of a circle of sisters who share your desire to relax into and nurture your feminine essence.  This is a space for you to show up and be yourself fully, to hold and be held, to listen and be heard – free of judgement, in the spirit of love and sisterhood.

The Circle  includes ritual, guided meditation, gentle movement,  embodiment practices, and sharing. Each circle will take a different theme or focus.

The Shakti Circle will gift you the opportunity to:

▽ Gather in a sacred space with like-hearted sisters and celebrate the richness of being a woman

▽ Take time for deep inner listening and to be guided in simple practices that will allow you to access your inner knowing through your body and emotions

▽ Mark the new moon - which is naturally a time for introspection - and  honour your natural connectedness as a woman, to the moon and the cycles of nature

▽ Sensitise and access your body’s wisdom and to learn to feel and trust your intuition

Feel and embody Shakti - the divine feminine energy - as she manifests uniquely within you

Enter a sacred space and embrace  ritual - sparking an ancient remembrance of how women throughout time and place have gathered and healed together

▽ Cultivate an attitude of reverence for the divine feminine as she lives in you and in each and every woman - and in all of life!

Reunite with the goddess within

▽ Show up authentically and to be seen, heard and held in that expression

▽ To practice and offer unconditional presence, support and acceptance in meeting other women in their authentic expression

Experience the deep nourishment for the feminine spirit that this sacred circle offers!

Shakti Circle nurture


These beautiful gatherings of women are gentle and yet powerful. I experienced such a deep healing within myself; an awakening of sorts. Through the process certain truths were revealed which prompted me to make changes necessary to live in greater alignment with my truth. Thank you Jasmine for providing this sacred space! - Lynda

Jasmine’s Shakti circle has changed the way I view myself and other women. It has opened doors for me to discover and experience deeper layers of mySelf that I was unable to grasp by only practicing yoga asana and meditation. Upon entering the temple, I felt a wave of peacefulness wash over me and the vibrant Shakti energy was ready to be awakened. This feeling continued to flow through my body and into my life for days afterwards. Jasmine carefully weaves a beautiful evening full to the brim with ways we can connect with that deeper part of ourSelf. If you desire a deeper connection with your feminine energy and power, and also crave communion with other women who also feel the same way in a safe and nurturing environment, then this is for you! - Hayley

The new-moon Shakti circles facilitated by Jasmine are absolutely gorgeous, rich, healing and nurturing experiences. Each time I have attended one, it has given me and my life a little reset, a breath of beautiful fresh air, clarity and peace that surrounds me for the following days and weeks. Jasmine is a brilliant facilitator. Such a unique, gentle, inspiring, intuitive, subtle, yet powerful woman. She supports and honours every woman in the circle, and expertly intuits and holds a beautiful, nurturing and transformative space.  Ambah

Upcoming dates

Open circles - all welcome - Sunday 7th July  at the Upper Brookfield Yoga Shala

***NEW***  Temple group - journey through a lunar cycle begins 1 August

This is a potent opportunity to gather weekly in an intimate and sacred circle of women during a lunar cycle where our intentions will be supercharged by our time together.  ::ONLY SIX PLACES AVAILABLE:::  August 1st - 22nd - gathering in sacred circle Thursday nights 6.30-9pm from one new moon to the next.  READ MORE HERE

Upper Brookfield Circles - about the venue

The monthly Shakti Circles have been offered at Devi Mandir, the goddess temple at the Upper Brookfield Yoga Shala since January 2017 on each new moon. The Devi Mandir is a nurturing womb-like space which can comfortably fit 6 women, so please book in early to ensure your seat.

The Upper Brookfield Yoga Shala is a sanctuary in the wilderness, nestled in a luscious valley amongst the trees. It is a private residence, and the address will be provided to those who book in.

The Shakti Circle will gift you a true retreat experience without you having to venture too far from the city. The Shala is only 10 minutes from Kenmore and 30 minutes from central Brisbane.

A warm bowl of ayurvedic kitcharee will be served at the end of the gathering at the Shala.

Six-month Shakti Circle

*Currently underway - be in touch to be notified about future offerings*

This enthralling journey over six months unfolds within a closed circle format where the same women gather each month over a set period of time... read more