Shakti Yoga Online Immersion

This 7-week online immersion is an embodied journey in awakening shakti - your feminine energy and primordial power from deep in your body.

BEGINS 23rd May 2020

Discover and experience how to :

❤︎ Awaken sensual energy    ❤︎ Harness your creative power    ❤︎ Source pleasure within 

❤︎ Move with your natural rhythms    ❤︎ Attune to your body wisdom     ❤︎ Embody sovereignty

❤︎ Connect with your womb space

This is yoga, re-wilded for the woman who yearns to feel more alive and at home in her body.

It combines mystical Yogini practice (specific to female bodies)  with earth-based wisdom and organic movement.

 Join me and our circle of women in an enlivening and deeply replenishing practice that celebrates & invokes your natural freedom, delight & deep inner knowing as woman.

Each week we will unravel tensions from the body, liberate + harness the locked-up energy of our emotions⁣, and create space in the mind as we soften into the heart and womb, accessing our deep inner knowing. ⁣


In Shakti Yoga we consecrate the body and the  senses as portals to awakening.

We remember the innocence of our bodies and sensuality, exploring ways of being in our skin that express the truth of what we feel and expand our capacity for PLEASURE.

⁣We move, breathe and sound instinctively to shake ourselves from the shackles that have kept us bound and shed the layers of tension so that the serpent power within (kundalini shakti) can rise gracefully and without obstruction.

True feminine power is a combination of both serenity and strength. And in a world that has mistaken adrenaline for energy and hardness as strength, Shakti Yoga is feminine medicine for these times. 

This practice is a rebellion where we reclaim the feminine ways of honouring cycles and rhythms of rest and activity.

We return to the womb - the place that births creation; a portal to our feminine power and inner knowing; our connection to the great Mystery.

Inspired by nature, we embody the elemental forces and realise in a visceral way our interconnection with all of creation.

This is deep inner alchemical work that taps us into our well of Shakti - a potent force for healing, rejuvenation and transformation. We remember how to access and trust this intelligence within to guide us. As we join forces with this sacred feminine power,  we experience the grace of being moved by life itself.

Women who've taken this course report:

❥ Feeling more home in their bodies & connected to their feminine energy

❥ Arousing of their sensual energy & a rekindling of passion with their partners

❥ Feeling “full” & satisfied from within

❥ Authentic and fulfilling connection with other women

❥ A viseral experience of and awakening to the Divine Feminine power

❥ A deeper sense of grounding

❥ Ease + aliveness in their bodies

❥ Being more in tune with theirbody wisdom

❥ Deep relaxation

❥ Diminished anxiety

❥ Being more present in their womb

space. ⁣


This is a live, seven-week immersion which will be a progressive, transformative + powerful cultivation of Shakti .

You will discover and experience:

☥ How to sense, awaken and harness Shakti - the creative force within - for healing, transformation, energisation, creativity.

☥ How to connect with your body’s innate wisdom and tune into the whispers within, developing a deeper trust in the intelligence that is your inner compass

☥ How to unravel tensions – physical, emotional, mental and energetic – from the body through a combination of asana (yoga postures) and organic movement

☥ The art of grounding for relaxation, vitality and embodiment

☥ Becoming familiar with the sensation of being rooted in the ground of your being and the strength of your centre – claiming your sovereignty as woman and embodying your feminine power

☥ The art of rest and deep surrender for rejuvenation, dropping beneath ‘ordinary’ consciousness, to access the deeper wisdom within and restore the balance in our bodies and energy system.

☥ Ways of breathing to clear, centre, ground, channel and awaken energy.

☥ Opening the voice – allowing natural sounding as a healing intelligence and harnessing the power of sacred sound vibration (Mantras)

☥ How to access Source (creative) energy from within our feminine energy centres and the earth

☥ How to bring awareness to the subtle energy body and chakras (energy centres)

☥ Unlocking dormant energy in the hips and cultivating creative energy for pleasure, vitality and spiritual awakening and accessing the wisdom of the womb space.

There will be the invitation to practice Shakti Yoga with a jade (yoni) egg if desired.

☥ Fine-tuning the senses as portals to feminine awakening; honouring our sensuality as sacred and the body as a temple

☥ Awakening the feminine heart, emotional alchemy and cultivating self-compassion and the capacity to self-nurture


This seven-week course begins Saturday 23rd May on the New moon. On this day you will receive your first set of practices by email.

The following Friday 29th May. we will have our first live practice call. These will take place every Friday until 3rd July (our closing ceremony) from 11am - 12.30pm AEST.

These calls will be recorded so you can take part when it suits you if you are unable to attend live.

You will receive a combination of self-paced teaching and practice videos, live calls and resources such as playlists and guided meditations, direct from my temple to your home, wherever you are!


❤︎ A weekly "dose" of guided practices to your inbox - some video, some audio, some downloadable PDF ; as well as an introduction video to a particular theme or principle of the Shakti Yoga practice.

❤︎ Six live practice calls 1.5 hours on Zoom (will be recorded if you can’t attend live) to give you a taste of a more ‘complete’ practice sessions

❤︎ Access to Facebook group of Shakti Yoginis where you can receive support, share questions, experiences and connect with your circle of women. I will be available in this group to answer your questions!

❤︎ Lifetime access to all of the practices and recordings

❤︎ Discount on 1:1 sessions with me during the course and any in-person Shakti Yoga events and retreats

This immersion will include a combination of:

Inner Shakti Yoga practices that unlock doors to the wonders within

Unique and enlivening sequences to carve pathways through which Shakti can elegantly flow plus an organic movement practice each week with a particular focus or theme.

Restorative Yoga poses for deep rejuvenation and guided relaxation to relish the sweetness of surrender and allow for deep integration.

Ways of breathing to clear, ground, channel and awaken energy

Songs that have been selected to evoke the particular mood or feeling state the inspire the different Shakti Yoga rituals. Playlists will be provided that you can move, shake, breathe and rest to.

This immersion is designed to be easily incorporated into your routine.  Each ritual is a “bite-sized” practice (between 3 and 20 minutes).  Many of these rituals are "cultivation practices", meaning the more often you do them, the more they will reveal their magic and medicine to you.

Women wanting to do longer practices will be offered suggested routines that combine rituals into an intelligent and seamless flow.

By the end of the course you will have a delectable array of practices and resources to pick and choose from (including the complete 90 minute live practice recordings) depending on your mood, your menstrual phase, and what your body wisdom is guiding you toward.


Shakti Yoga

That's a great sign that this immersion is for you !


There is a current of love-energy that flows

Between Earth below and Sun above.

The central channel of your spine is the riverbed.

The streaming is as delicate and powerful
As the tingling touch of lovers.

Entering here,
Radiance arches above and below.

Your whole attention resting in the subtle
Vibrating in the centre of the spinal column,
Tracing this current between Earth and Sun,
Become magnetism relating all the worlds

Radiance Sutras - Lorin Roche


"I adored the Shakti Yoga series with Jasmine! It gave me time & space to connect with my feminine essence in a much deeper way than I otherwise could have myself, & for that, it is SO worth it. The techniques are all excellent for moving energy, for cultivating deeper levels of relaxation/openness, & for connecting with the natural pleasure & aliveness that is constantly moving through us. Jasmine embodies the wisdom she teaches & creates an important container for women to sink into the innate beauty & complexity that is US! Highly recommend." Petra Lane

“The Shakti Yoga course was so gracefully and lovingly by Jasmine to connect deeply with my divine feminine essence. As the weeks unfolded the tension and stories running through my busy mind started to dissolve. I noticed layers of fears and vulnerabilities stripping back to reveal the the bliss of embodiment.  The potency of this practice was absolutely palpable to the very core of my womb!

I ended the course feeling deeply softened and cracked open, and I have since included some of the practices we learnt into my home practice which has been immensely supportive and powerful as I anchor more and more into the shakti energy oscillating through my cells, calling me home to my inherent divine human and feminine essence.”  – Katie Parsons

“I really loved the Shakti Yoga course I took in November 2019 - it was just the medicine my being was needing.What I really notice from doing this practice is a subtle but tangible feeling of aliveness in my body that is deep and majestic. I am feeling a general softening that seems to permeate through all aspects of life and myself. I felt such a rare exquisiteness in Jasmine’s presence; a grounded, trustworthy, loving, steady grace. To feel embodied shakti, woman soft and powerful, fluid and strong, really has an impact. A resonance. Thank you. I look forward to more and am so inspired to deepen into my female body and uncover the exquisite jewels within!” - Christina Ranck

"I treasured the feeling of coming home into my body during Jasmine’s Shakti Yoga course, and tuning in to what I need to thrive and to grow. This awareness continued to build in each of the yoga sessions, and has continued to guide me in the months since completing the course. Jasmine created a safe and nurturing space for every woman in the circle, giving us time to prioritise and cherish ourselves, as well as time to reach out to the other women sharing the space, building strong connections of love and sisterhood. These beautiful gatherings shook me up, healed me, and have shown me the power I hold within myself." Louise Elizabeth

"I simply cannot recommend Jasmine Rose or this Shakti Yoga course enough. I am already anticipating the next course with excitement! After taking this course, you will have met yourself on a different level. You will begin to listen to your sacred femininity and inner power. You will find strength and console your weaknesses. You will feel different. That is the one part I can’t ever find the right words for, but I can genuinely promise, that you will each feel uniquely different in some beautiful way.

This isn’t a yoga designed around fitness, weight loss, or a just hipster practice. This is genuine, raw and real. Woman to woman. Womb to womb. Heart to heart. It is a safe place. A powerful practice. For me it was even a little bit life saving.....If you feel it calling you even in the slightest, dive in and embrace it. Please trust me in that " - Hannah Friedrich

I’m so glad I gifted myself the treat of The Shakti Yoga course. I was grappling with the idea that I didn’t have time to fit another thing in but as soon as I took the first class I was so grateful and even shed a tear of joy for this gift of self love.

The exercises flow so well and build on each other effortlessly. There is a grace and ease to Jasmine’s class yet an undeniable depth and power that comes through the work. I truly felt like each class I was coming home to my body.

Allowing my movement to follow my breath and feeling the subtle (and not so subtle) sensations was such a pleasurable experience. I highly recommend all of Jasmine’s work and the potent package that she is offering in the Shakti Yoga course is incredible.” – Felicity Reid

"I was drawn - body and soul - to take part in Jasmine's Shakti Yoga course. I was already in love with yoga however I was unsure what to expect from the course. On the first day I walked into the space and felt instantly comforted, safe and inspired, the circle was beautiful...I could feel my shoulders relax and my jaw loosen. ⁣

Jasmine guided us, a beautiful group of women from all walks of life, to let go, to embrace our feminine energy and to feel a little lighter, stronger. I loved every part of it - the breath work, the movement and beauty of the whole experience. Thank you Jasmine, you are a treasure."⁣ Nina Mackle