Embodied feminine wisdom sessions

1:1 with Jasmine

Embodied feminine wisdom sessions (online)

These sessions are a sanctuary space for you to soften, receive and give space for whatever is moving through you. You will be guided in practices to ground into your body, liberate creative energy and reclaim your power as woman.

In sessions with me you will be held in loving presence and invited to access your deep feminine wisdom through your body – particular through the feminine centers of the heart and womb.

My areas of wisdom include embodiment, emotional integration, authentic self-expression, self-love, boundaries and personal empowerment, self-care, sexuality, womb wisdom and aligning with the power of your moon cycle and the seasonal cycles. 

These sessions are intuitively guided and can include:

  • deep listening
  • guided meditation and visualisation
  • somatic practices
  • gentle yoga
  • shamanic drumming and sound healing

Your body’s wisdom is speaking. Together, we give space to listen and acknowledge the ways you are being guided from within. As you give voice to the stirrings arising inside of you, we unravel through dialogue and through the body whatever is ready to move, release or awaken.

This is a deep but subtle process of inner alchemy to illuminate your inner truth and align with your soul-deep knowing. Through this work you will be empowered to resource yourself from within, to honour your natural rhythms and to walk to the beat of your own drum.

I offer these sessions at a packed rate of $489 AUD if paid upfront for 5 x 1 hour sessions – and that includes resources and check-ins in between if needed.

You will have 12 weeks to book your 5 sessions.

If you prefer the payment plan option, it will be 4 x fortnightly payments of $129 AUD.