Embodied feminine wisdom sessions

1:1 with Jasmine

Embodied feminine wisdom 1:1 healing sessions

These sessions are a sanctuary space for you to soften and receive. You will be guided to drop in deeply and access your deep feminine wisdom through your body and to activate your innate ability to self-heal.

If you are drawn to work with me, chances are you are a deeply feeling woman.

Your feelings are a compass and your sensitivity is a gift – though this can take some practice to fine-tune and trust.

Your body’s wisdom is speaking. Together, we give space to listen and acknowledge the ways we are being guided from within.

There is a deep healing in being heard, and this is a safe space where you are invited to share whatever is arising … together we unravel, illuminate and bring the healing balm of presence and love to whatever is calling for attention.

You will be guided in practices to ground into your body, liberate creative energy (Shakti) and reclaim your power as woman.

ONLINE BOOKINGS COMING SOON – In the meantime, please contact me for more details