Untaming the Serpent

She who sleeps in the base of the spine, coiled and dreamy, is stirring now. ⁣She is longing for our gaze to be cast upon her. To drink of our love.


To dance through our spine and swirl in our pelvis. ⁣

She IS the Goddess. The primordial Shakti that surges from deep within. Oceanic in her immensity. Fiery in her intensity. Orgasmic as she uncoils herself. ⁣


If we revere rather than resist her, she will lovingly untie the knots that keep us bound so that we can access our true inner power ~ SHAKTI ~⁣🌟 She is our PASSION + our POWER


She demands that we be in truth.⁣ 🗡

This 9-week temple group is devoted to her – the serpent power within each woman, whose intense desire is our awakening. ⁣⚡️


This is a potent opportunity to gather weekly in an intimate and sacred circle of women in a powerful container for transformation.
♥ Sisterhood   ♥ Sacred sensuality   ♥ Womb wisdom    Ritual   ♥ Devotion
We will co-create a container for transformation and a precious bonding, committing to showing up authentically and to support and witness each others’ unfolding.
The women’s temple is a powerful vortex – once we claim our seat in the circle, a special mystery and magic weaves its way into our lives in all kinds of wondrous ways. The power of the circle ripples into our lives.
To register your interest for the next “Untaming the Serpent” journey, send me a message.