The Upper Brookfield Yoga Shala

Upper Brookfield Yoga

The Upper Brookfield Yoga Shala (“the Shala” for short) was established in 2014 when Jasmine was drawn to spend some time on her father’s property to begin a healing journey after an acute period of challenge in her life.

The Upper Brookfield Yoga Shala has since become a place of sanctuary and healing for herself and for hundreds who have attended yoga classes, retreats, women’s circles and healing sessions over the years.

The Shala is a naturally luxurious and unique place to practice yoga in close connection with the elements. Shala is a Sanskrit words meaning home or abode – “Yoga Shala” meaning a place where yoga is practiced. The Shala is known for its welcoming atmosphere and the invitation when you come here is to return home to yourself.

“Shala” also happens to be the name of a Sumerian Goddess of grain and compassion! This too is fitting, as this is truly is a land of plenty.  Nestled amongst trees and cradled in the valley where the creek winds through, the Shala has a distinct Divine Feminine Energy – like being in the embrace of the Mother, it feels gentle, nurturing and nourishing – the perfect setting for healing and transformational work to unfold.Upper Brookfield Creek

This is the place to receive the medicine of the wild without having to travel far from the centre of Brisbane! Just 10 minutes from Kenmore along a meandering and scenic drive through the beautiful valley – the journey here is truly part of the beauty of your visit.

Part of Jasmine’s vision for the Shala was to create community through our shared practice. All classes include Ayurvedic chai afterwards, offering the opportunity to connect with each other. Classes and retreats are intimate and friendly with capacity for 10 people.

The land is much loved and carries the cumulative Shakti (energy) of several years of people coming to seek sanctuary and connect with Source, Mother Nature, and the heart. Infused with the prayers, rituals and presence of all who have practiced here, there is the feeling here of walking on sacred ground.

The property features a fit pit, organic veggie gardens, tropical fruit trees, and the beloved Devi Mandir (Goddess temple). The outdoor yoga shala is sheltered but fully open and looks out to the valley and creek. The indoor space is Japanese Zen-style with a fireplace for cosy weather. This is truly a unique place to practice yoga!

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Yoga classes

Yoga classes take places at the Shala on Tuesdays + Thursdays at 6am (Sunrise yoga) and Fridays at 9:30-11am (Shakti Yoga) .  Bookings essential for all classes. Address provided upon booking. Private yoga sessions are also available upon enquiry.

Sunrise Yoga at the Shala - 10-class series starting 21st August 2018


Private retreat bookings with Jasmine available for individuals or small groups of women up to 10 – perfect for birthday celebrations, baby blessings, hens parties etc

Devi Mandir

Devi Mandir means “Goddess temple”. This gorgeous sacred space is much like stepping into the warmth of the womb. Here, Jasmine hosts monthly Shakti circles at the new moon.

Healing sessions are also available in this space

  • Temple sessions with Jasmine Rose
  • Ahren (Paulie) Dreaming [Embodywork] visits approximately monthly for his potent transformational bodywork on Thursdays and Fridays. Contact Ahren directly for enquiries/bookings: 0414 373 856