Shakti Yoga teacher training

Beloved sister, I hear your call.

Perhaps you are a yoga teacher with a sense there is “something more” you’d like to offer your female students.

Perhaps feel the call to create your own women’s circle, or to support your female clients with embodied feminine wisdom.

You feel it in your bones that creating sacred spaces for women is something you are here to do – whether you are wanting to enrich your existing offerings or take the leap and begin.

Yet you deeply know that supporting other women requires you to be deeply supported by other women. This is why I created this training program.

This will be a deep immersion into all of the Sacred Feminine practices I share in Shakti Yoga and the Women’s temple, and everything I have learnt during my 9 years of experience and deep inner journey with the Feminine.

A fertile container will be created within which your own seeds of potential will be nurtured, your superpowers will be unlocked

I believe that your own embodiment of what you share is the single most important thing in creating spaces where women can feel safe to “drop in” to themselves. Integration is key and often overlooked in certification programs, so this will be a priority during our 9 months together.

Your own alignment, deep listening and womb’s wisdom are the keys – so this journey is a deepening of your own inner unfoldment. You will receive plenty of one on one guidance and support with your personal healing journey.

The path of the feminine is one of constantly surrendering to the Mystery and being reborn anew.

For each skin we shed, more of who we are is revealed. And in this work – which is our devotion to the sacred feminine – being who we really are is what matters the most.

This is not about looking the part, but being authentically you and sharing the unique medicine that YOU have to bring. No one else can do that for you, but as you birth yourself during these 9 months, consider me a faithful midwife relentlessly by your side, holding the vision in my heart of the highest possibility and expression of you.

 I know that stepping into leadership includes meeting doubts – and I don’t want this to stop you!

This circle of women will keep you accountable and reflect your true capacity and highest path, in spite of doubts and fears.

There is more of you that wants to come through, there is no doubt about that, and the truth is – the world needs your medicine. There are women longing for what you have to bring

You were born to be part of this divine feminine re-awakening here on earth. Of that, you have no doubt!

Course details coming very soon!!!