Shakti Yoga Teachers Directory

Here are some of our fully certified Shakti Yoga Teachers around the world. These women have completed the 9-month Shakti Yoga Teacher Training with Jasmine Rose



Hello, I’m Sarah, a compassionate and nurturing Registered Nurse and Yoga Teacher. Currently studying Psychology, I’m committed to broadening my expertise across meditation, movement practices, and healing modalities. My unwavering purpose is to establish a sanctuary where all individuals experience a sense of belonging and security in their own bodies. In 2022 I graduated from the Shakti Yoga School, and my practice is influenced by my unique touch of holistic healing. As a mother myself, I deeply value the importance of creating space for myself to nurture my family.

My teaching style is a harmonious fusion of guided somatic meditation, sound healing and plant medicine, cultivating a sensual and tranquil environment for my students. Through my Shakti Yoga offerings, you can anticipate not just physical well-being but a softening into emotional healing and support. I warmly invite you to reach out to me to experience the transformative journey of Shakti Yoga for yourself.

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Christina is a gentle and passionate guide of this work. Authentic in her expression with a finely attuned connection to her own inner landscape, Christina embodies a graceful resting back. She knows in her bones that the gold is found within.  

Christina’s transmission is sensual, joyful, mystical and grounded. Her Shakti Yoga classes are a warm, safe haven that invite you into your body in a way that inspires tenderness and self compassion, and reverence and awe.  It is her aim to provide a space to deeply unravel and unwind tension, to awaken pleasure pathways, and to align you with the deep wisdom stream and power source within you.

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Kate’s deep belief in the wisdom of the body to hold story, create life, birth life and intrinsically reach for the nourishing is the foundation of her calling to deeply support women to come home to their body.

Kate offers Shakti Yoga Women’s Circles, and Shakti Yoga with Embodied Dance Circles during school terms. These Circles are designed to facilitate the meeting of a woman’s physiology with mystery, in an artfully guided journey of reconnection to the body and its innate wisdom.

Located in southern Canberra, Kate lives with her 2 children, dog, chickens & ducks, and loves offering people the opportunity to deepen their connection with their own body’s intelligence and love.

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Catalina embodies passion and nurturing in every aspect of her being. Her life’s dedication revolves around profound lessons in self-love, confidence, and infusing her touch and offerings with the essence of her sensuality and femininity.

Residing in Sydney, she hosts various workshops year-round, each designed with the purpose of empowering women to tap into their Shakti feminine power. These transformative sessions guide participants to embrace and welcome pleasure, authenticity, and the liberating experience of self-expression.

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I guide and support women with endometriosis on their healing journey to step into their power beyond their pain.

My role is to hold a sacred, alchemical space where a woman can come to know herself, her body, and her menstrual cycle deeply. I weave elements of Shakti Yoga and menstrual cycle awareness into my 1:1 sessions plus what I have learnt, embraced, and embodied living with endometriosis for many years. Adopting a trauma-informed approach supports the work I do to create a safer, inclusive space conducive for healing. I am passionate about sharing the feminine embodied wisdom of Shakti Yoga to women longing to reconnect with their own inner Shakti (Feminine energy) within.

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Vanessa brings the loving big sister energy to all in her world.

Vanessa believes in the transformational power of feminine embodiment. Vanessa creates temple spaces online and in-person that allow you access your enchantment and softness so you can surrender to your deepest feminine knowing.

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My gift is my practice and without my practice, I forget that my body is the portal to practice. Without her, I wouldn’t be able to experience this wild, crazy, beautiful and awe-filled life. My gifts are guided meditation, a soothing voice, a bomb-ass playlist and unconditional support for the body to feel free to move as she pleases, challenging the social constructs and constraints of what it means to exist in a female body in the world. 

My goal is to use the tools I have gained in my years as a writer, behavioral health technician, Yoga teacher and Dreamwork professional in order to guide womxn into the realm of Shakti.

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