Womb clearing meditation


This 16 minute guided meditation by Jasmine Rose is to support you in gently clearing the womb space so that you can access the full power, magnetism and wisdom of this potent feminine creation centre.

The womb is both a hollow organ and a receptive (yin) energy centre.

For this reason, the womb can become a storage place for the unconscious, which might include unprocessed emotions, trauma, stuck energy, ancestral baggage, and the energy of past lovers.

This meditation supports you to activate your womb’s innate intelligence to clear and restore balance within.

The womb is like a garden, requiring tending to, loving care and deep listening

Our wombs hold not only the old
But that they hold secrets;
Seeds of creation yearning to take birth

The womb is a portal to our innermost knowing.

For this reason, a regular womb-clearing practice is an essential part of any woman’s self-care regime!

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