Women’s fire dance

Women have gathered around the fire for aeons. The women’s fire dance is a reclamation of this ancient ritual, and the power and ancestral wisdom connected with it.

This is an opportunity to unravel and unleash more of your authenticity and wildness as woman (whatever that looks like). Not to mention, a beautiful and sacred bonding experience in a circle of kindred sisters.

This unique women’s circle offering is a collaboration between Pasha Lyndi and myself. Between us we have more than 35 years experience as facilitators, so know you will be held in loving and capable hands!

This is an intimate and one-of-a-kind experience that promises to be LIBERATING, THRILLING and TRANSFORMATIONAL…AND deeply grounding, as we reconnect with the elements in an embodied way.

For each event we craft an epic playlist to support our dance journey – these beats will absolutely MOVE you.

VENUE: A private location in the natural surrounds of Upper Brookfield, in Brisbane’s west.

Each women’s fire dance gathering includes:

❤️‍ CACAO with intentions and dropping in
❤️‍ DANCE… 90 minutes to let go and let loose!
❤️‍ SHARING CIRCLE to close
❤️‍ DINNER… a bowl of warm, home cooked, vegetarian nourishment
❤️‍ A LOT OF LOVE! from your body, your sisters and the warm hearth fire…


*This space is specifically designed as an opportunity to dance naked around the fire – a longing SO many women have! This is fully welcome, but not at all required. You choose how naked you get (or don’t get).



“I’ve tried ecstatic dance but I’ve never experienced a bodily shift like I did on Friday. The temple space you and Pasha cultivated was the key and the dance around the fire unlocked the door. To what, Im not sure yet.. But it made my partner cry tears of joy when I shared my experience with him, because he can see it”.


“Thank you both for a truly magical evening. It almost felt like a dream to be so comfortable. I’m still floating. I can’t wait for more! xx”

We gather usually once a month in an ancient rite of fire dancing …. please send me a message to express your burning desire to be part of a gathering such as this!


Location: Upper Brookfield, Brisbane

April 27 (Saturday) 3.45pm – 7pm

May 18 (Saturday) – special fire dance photo shoot
{By invitation}

June 22 (Saturday) 2.45pm – 7pm –
special extended WINTER SOLSTICE event



More dates coming soon