Keeper of the Sacred Fire – embodying the archetype

Seven years ago I attended a 5-day process where we had to create our own archetype. Not only that, but we had to write and act out a myth with this “character” at the centre.

My archetype was “Keeper of the sacred fire”. 🔥

She emerged from a deep and mysterious place in my psyche, and I felt both enamoured and deeply empowered by her.

I find it interesting that 7 years later this archteype is manifesting within me, tending to the fire as I host the women’s fire dances with Pasha Lyndi.

This brings me joy, as you can see in this picture taken at our most recent event – the fire burning at last after an unexpected downpour at the very moment I was lighting the fire. 🔥

This was the third event in a row where it rained while getting the fire going. This felt like a test of sorts. The spirit of fire testing our commitment to keeping the fire burning, as we enter our second year of hosting these events regularly.

I feel like a humble apprentice of Fire – whom I respect deeply.

I love knowing that all of my ancestors would’ve tended to fires, and this practice really connects me with them.

I often speak about “tending the fire” in a metaphorical sense;

“Keeping the flame alight” 🔥

And all of that feels true in my life and work, where I feel like one who sparks or fans the flames of women around me

I often speak about “passing the torch” to the women who take my Teacher Training.

Yet what I’m loving more than anything is the literal tending of the fire 🔥

I’ve noticed it matures me

It requires me to trust in my capabilities. And highlights the young parts of me that want someone else to do it. The parts that shy away from action and doubt my abilities.

This apprenticeship is about much more than lighting the fire on the day. 🔥

I find myself thinking about wood, kindling and making sure it is all dry in the lead-up to each event. Fire really asks that I be prepared in this way. This, and so much more.

Fire is an incredibly powerful teacher.

And I feel very much a beginner. Yet something ancient in my is stirred as I tend these flames. 🔥

If coming along to experience the beauty, power, joy and alchemy of fire is calling you, our next Women’s Ritual Fire Dance is a special edition for the winter solstice on June 22nd!! 🔥

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