Musings, Sacred Feminine

Stay close

Stay close to the earth at this time
Feel the solid ground beneath you
Stay close to your heart
which might just mean
staying close to your hurt
Summon all the compassion you can muster

The veils between conscious & unconscious are thin right now.
We cannot hide anything anymore
As we begin to see more clearly
we need a generous dose of compassion –
especially for ourselves.
This is the secret for moving through this glorious mess of being human. ..

This is not a time for doing more..
Do less.
Take some time to be, to feel, to notice.
I can’t promise it’ll feel good.
But healing comes through feeling. I know this to be true.

Watch the tendency to push away and reject an aspect of your experience… the temptation to rush out and do to avoid feeling – busy-ness is a distraction.
Watch yourself when you blame, judge or criticise others.
And if any of the above happens, have compassion for your sweet self.

Turn your gaze back within
Enquire, with curiosity & an openness of heart:
What’s really here?
Chances are, it’s a precious unacknowledged part of you…
All it needs is some love.

Thank the feelings or situations that arose for the opportunity they have presented… including others who may have triggered the hurt.

When someone blames, attacks or judges you, have compassion for them, too, knowing that their reaction is the product of their own confusion.

This is a time for taking responsibility – with compassion. For contained within the vulnerability of naming what’s really going on for you is the healing & reclaiming of power-especially when witnessed by a loving other.

This is a powerful opportunity my friends … let’s use it wisely.

I just had a good cry to express a combination of awe, overwhelm and gratitude for deepening tastes of Reality – clear seeing of both my imperfections and innate perfection… and both grief and delight knowing that this is the end of life as I’ve known it until now.

Yes, this is a rebirth. A new earth. A damn powerful time to be alive. My healing is your healing. My awakening is your awakening. Let’s lift each other up – we cannot do it alone!

With love, I see you. Jasmine


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