Poetry, Sacred Feminine


I bless myself;
honouring the sacredness of life
expressing through this body

::: oh precious life :::

As I embody my soul more fully
my body becomes my soul

::: So I cherish her :::

To ritualise life
is to invite heaven
to exist
here on earth

Nothing and nobody
is needed to connect you
with the Divine

You ARE divinity embodied

::: Take a vow :::

to know yourself as such
as it is much easier to forget:

::: Do what helps you to remember :::

Be devoted to that.

Embody your soul
Welcome her home
with wide open arms

Walk on earth
the beauty way

Seek to see the beauty within you
and you will be astonished;
deeply humbled

Worship that beauty
and you will see beauty
all around you:

in everyone
and everything

Reverence becomes your natural state.

Even if what you see
does not appeal to the eyes

The eye that truly sees
will recognise the Beloved
in all that is

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