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Courting the inner consort

jasmine rose as dakini

⚡️ The Dakini - who I shared about in my last post- is almost always pictured with a staff, which symbolises the secret consort.

This is her hidden male counterpart that lives INSIDE of her.

Courting this masculine presence within myself radically changed EVERYTHING for me - turning towards he who was there all along.

My search for the perfect partner consumed a great deal of my life up until a couple of years ago.

When I reclaimed all the energy that went into the searching, that very energy or shakti filled me up from the inside in the most delicious way.

When I let myself receive, I oozed with a magnetism and sensuality. The desire no longer had such a hold on me.

In fact, welcoming the energy of the desire became my spiritual sustenance.

When I started EMBRACING myself rather than ABANDONING myself, all kinds of magic happened.

When I had looked for love to fill a void, I attracted a string of either unavailable or highly codependent men- -neither which gave me the fulfillment that I yearned for.

BECOMING the fullness, welcoming the union within my body was the shift I denied myself for too long.

In this picture captured by my beloved (yes, I attracted a real man. A good one too!) 🏹 I am holding an imaginary staff - a simple gesture that powerfully connects me to the inner sacred union that is the ultimate empowerment for me.

The secret is - you have to turn this desire for love and ravishment inwardly… essentially, DESIRE YOURSELF, or the inner beloved who is part of you.

Without attachment. Not holding that staff too tightly.

The feminine magic we cultivate in Shakti Yoga is a loosening of our grip. A surrendering through our bodies.

An openness and receptivity that LETS LIFE + LOVE IN rather than SHUTS IT OUT.

These practices are delicious, enticing - the kind of yoga that really turns me on.

The feminine principle - shakti - is energy itself -

the playfulness, the allurement, the wildness;

– she does not depend on an outer partner.

- yet naturally , she attracts the very desire she embodies!

As within, so without.

In true inner Tantra, which underpins Shakti Yoga, sexual practices with a partner are secondary to the “inner work”, which includes integrating the masculine into ourselves.

An activation of the pillar of strength within - which is an essential component of Shakti Yoga.

The Dakini is sometimes pictured sℰxual union with an externalised consort, but mostly she is literally flying free and wild and ecstatic in her inner fulfilment.

The Dakini - along with a host of splendid yoginis - are divine feminine mascots for Shakti Yoga - the original source of these radical yet completely natural feminine yoga practices that I share with women.

I picked up this thread when I became uninspired the dominant masculine approach to yoga that left a lot to be desired.

If you too yearn for this inner intimacy as a visceral experience, then I delightedly invite you to join me in my upcoming Shakti Yoga online immersion.

🌹 Jasmine Rose

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