Medicine of the rose, Musings

Rose is a plant medicine

She may be subtle, but don’t underestimate her potency. For sensitive souls like me, she is the perfect ally.

Plant medicine has become synonymous with psychedelics, which undermines the medicine of plants such as rose – whose healing powers (and pure magick!) I can give absolute testimony to.

She won’t take you out of your body – she will support you to be more fully in your body; to remember the sacred vessel it is.

For those who are attuned to the subtle, rose’s medicine is tangible and powerful. AND… Rose can help us to attune to the subtle. She will nurture us – even as we confront our own thorns – rather than jolting and startling our system.

Rose possesses a sublime tenderness & equally a robust fierceness. She reminds us, with her thorns, to respect ourselves & honour our sensitivity.

She reveals her treasures to the ones who lean in and truly listen 🌹

She is loyal when we respect and revere her, blessing those who take the time to truly get to know her.

Imbibing of the medicine of the rose may not take us on a fully fledged psychedelic journey, but she will absolutely alter our consciousness and exalt our hearts, reminding us of the sacredness of our sensuality and the divinity of our femininity.

In deep praise and reverence for this beloved plant ally I walk (or rather, dance!) with.

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