Welcome, beloved sister.

I’m Jasmine Rose. I'm here to guide women in unearthing their deep inner power and to awaken the ecstatic embodiment that I believe is our natural state.

I am creatress of Shakti Yoga, a women's temple keeper and guardian of the womb as a portal to the deep feminine mysteries.

I have a passion for bringing women together and am always in awe of the healing and awakening that happens when we gather. Through combining the ancient wisdom teachings of yoga in relationship to Mother Nature, I empower women to fully claim their inner power, pleasure, creativity and wisdom in full alignment with their heart. 

I love being able to witness women who are resourced from within, enriched sisterhood and in deep communion with nature.

I know that the regeneration of our beloved earth begins within each woman's body and awakening to her interconnection with all of nature. This is my devotion.

I’m a guide for women ready to dive into the deep feminine mysteries that I have been immersed in since a dark night of the soul in 2013 - an initiation that had me make my heroine's journey and call back home my power and uncover the deeper truth of my essence. You can read more of my story here

In 2016 I answered the call to gather women in circle, creating beautiful and sacred spaces to revive the temple arts for deep remembrance and to give women strength through sisterhood . ✨

I have been teaching yoga since 2011 and I graduated with first class honours in Psychology in 2007. I have spent many years immersed in Sadhana (devoted spiritual practice) in the lineage of the Goddess and received the guidance of so many incredible wisdom keepers along the way - and most of all, the wisdom and teachings of Mother Nature.

My wish is for a world where all women are tapped into the infinite well of wisdom, pleasure + power within her.

That she feels completely at home in her skin; awake to the secret delights of embodiment as a woman who embraces her sensual nature as sacred.⁣

She is overflowing from within, tapped into her womb’s wisdom and power.

She is a force of love. The earth and the elements are her allies; she is fuelled from her deepest reservoirs of passion.

Soft, supple, strong, she is aligned with the feminine wisdom that moves through her.

Her embodiment is not a limitation - it is her portal to the mysteries of creation.

Her emotions are currents of pure shakti to be harnessed. She is Goddess incarnate, and doesn’t doubt her divinity.

She is fully here on earth, living in reverence to all of life, and in full embrace of her humanity.





I pay my deepest respects to the custodians of the land  - the Jagera and Turrbal people where I live and share my work. It is here that I have received deep healing and being held in the fires of transformation. It is here where I have birthed myself and all that I share.

I bow to all of the women who have walked with me and continue to show up for their transformation no matter what.  It is such a deep honour to be a guide on your way.