On-demand Shakti Yoga retreat: SACRED WOMB


This is a recording from the live introduction to Shakti Yoga retreat Jasmine offered in February 2022. It is 2 hours and 22 minutes.

No experience required.

This retreat will be deep feminine medicine; a sweet homecoming into the sacred womb – she who is:

A cauldron of creativity, a wellspring of wisdom, and portal of power .

This healing retreat is an energetic womb space to cocoon us as we enter into holy communion with this sacred space at the center of our bodies,
bringing our reverent attention to she who is the source of creation,

the birth place of life itself.

This retreat is a Shakti Yoga practice. Rooted in devotional embodiment -this ritual Tantric yoga practice is specifically designed for the female body.
The practices and guidance I offer will support you in connecting and gently clearing the womb space (sooo much can get stored here!!) so that you can access more of the natural power, magnetism and wisdom of this potent feminine creation center.

The womb yearns for our return – she has been ignored for way too long!

To center in the womb is to enter the innermost sanctum of our body temple – a source of wisdom deep knowing and tremendous power – or shakti.


When you purchase, you will be given a link to where you can either stream or download the video – this will also be sent to you by email (check junk/promotions if it’s not in your inbox)

Please choose carefully as refunds are not offered.



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