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The Dakini principle in Shakti Yoga

To animate the feminine principle requires a pillar of presence that we might call “the masculine”.

One of the energies we explore in my 9 month Teacher Training is the Dakini, which is the enlightened feminine principle in Tibetan Buddhism.

The Dakini always carries a staff, which represents her masculine energy being fully on board and integrated. This is such powerful symbolism for me, and deeply relatable from my own journey.

The work we do with the Feminine in Shakti Yoga is not separate from this pillar of presence, the consciousness that pervades all of life.

Similarly, in Tantric philosophy, Shakti is never actually separate from Shiva. She is essentially the formless taking form.

One of the Advanced Shakti Yoga practices that I share in my Teacher Training is one of completely emptying ourselves so that this sacred intelligence can move through us – without the obstruction of our conditioning, patterns, beliefs etc

The body is the vessel, through which this sacred power moves through.

The body in many traditions is considered a chalice or a vase – empty in order to be filled with the Divine Presence. This is my deepest aspiration!

Shakti Yoga is not simply a practice that enriches our lives, offers healing, and awakens our pleasure potential. It is a rich spiritual and devotional practice, for those women seeking an embodied pathway of awakening.

It’s what I’m here for!! If the Shakti Yoga Teacher Training pathway calls you – visit the website at


Jasmine Rose

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