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The truth about Goddess worship

Goddess worship isn’t all roses and lavish altars. It is to die an be reborn endlessly????

I remember making a vow to the Goddess in 2020 – that I will do what I am here to do, in service to Love.

And since then, I’ve had my work cut out for me!

I often present the beauty, the poetry, the temples- and this is all part of it, for sure. But let me reveal a bit more about what happens ‘behind the scenes’.

I’ve been neck deep in the administrative/bureaucratic aspects of creating and running the Shakti Yoga Teacher Training for the last couple of years (as well as teaching it!).

Yes, I have some help, but I’m in that awkward in-between phase where I’m still needing to be very hands on. There are some big investments I need to make in order to create more flow, and this feels like a leap of faith! And it’s bringing up lots of fear.

I also have very high standards and a commitment to integrity – which means things can take time… AND there’s a lot of letting go that needs to happen!

As I said to my grad students this week -Shakti can stretch us! She calls forth MORE of ourselves. She also enlivens us and deeply nourishes us… and gives us the strength to keep showing up.

But this is not a path for those who want to stay comfortable. Yet the paradox is – She is the ultimate source of comfort.

Lately, my commitment to the work I do has being tested. I‘ve wanted to give up many times. My limits have very much being pushed. I’ve experienced a lot of growing pains.

But my commitment to show up is unshakable

Even if I’m shaky on the surface

The more clear my vision becomes, the more I pour myself into my legacy work, the less of an option it is to back out.

It’s one thing to birth something, and something else to nurture it into health and vibrancy.

It’s been such a steep learning curve! Sometimes, this is how devotion looks to me ♥️

Not to mention… the inner work along the way.

I hope this post reveals a bit more of the truth about this path of sacred devotion. And that even the most beautiful of paths are laced with thorns !! ????

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