I’ve been feeling some unexpected sadness at the loss of Marion Woodman this week.

It surprised me because I’ve never came in contact with her work directly or read her books, yet almost all of the teachers I’ve learned from over the last few years have made reference to her work, so I have no doubt that what I am exploring now is very much influenced by her contribution.

She was a true pioneer in feminine spirituality, & I am so grateful for her legacy.

The wisdom of all the grandmothers feels strong with me right now, as I deepen in my apprenticeship with the Great Mother through mentoring with wise women guiding me on my way… all giving me intiations into womanhood that our society seems to have neglected.

After years of meditating with Goddesses as a very internal practice, I acknowledged I wanted to be in the world and not in a cave, and thus have dived into the embodiment of Goddess energies and archetypes, along with exploring their mythology & symbology, getting to know myself as a full-spectrum woman and that my capacity to serve while I’m here requires this of me.

My practice these days is largely unstructured.. this morning I ventured out to move my body in some way, letting Shakti lead as I do.

I found a stick & knew straight away it was not an ordinary stick but a sword. And thus my practice begun.

As a ardent devotee of the fierce forms of the Mother – especially Kali and Durga – both who wield a sword… the dark Goddess has initiated me into my true power.

The sword felt like a physical extension of my inner power…

…a form of protection to create clear boundaries.

As I moved with the sword I cut away the subtle obstructions & entanglements that are holding me back & obscuring clear vision of the truth (supported by this new moon eclipse!!)

The sword is the path – which is becoming clearer to me by the day (though on some days it feels so murky and uncertain).

The sword is my midline – my central spine – unto which I call all my power home having cut away the cords that bind me (turn sound on and notice the very well-timed “plop” into the creek at the exact moment I bring the sword back to my centre! – thanks for the affirmation, Goddess 😉 )

It also felt like wand … not for casting spells so much as for pointing at what I want and focussing my energy there.

There is an excess of possibilities, creative inspiration and a plethora of ways which I could devote my energy right now, but for me this time is about staying clear and focused, saying no to what is not in true alignment with my soul’s path at this time.

What is your secret weapon??? What superpowers does it possess?? And if you want to take it to the next level….take it beyond the words and the idea of it and MOVE THIS through your body.