She is wild

She is wild.
no longer captive

She has set herself free

Intimate with the secrets of nature

She is her own medicine

One with the Mother ⍒
Her loyalty is unbreakable

She is unshamable
and untamable

Magic is at her fingertips ⍒
She weaves spells with her tongue

Blessing the world with her words

She roams in the wild
merging with the elements
to remember her true nature ⍒
Singing up the land
in exuberant song ⍒

She makes love with life
Knowing that bone-shaking
erotic pleasure
is her birthright

It is how she heals herself

She is her own medicine

She knows
that to heal herself
is to awaken the healer within her

She is here to serve
and to devour life
in all of its fullness

Wild woman is on the rise

No longer a threatened species

For you cannot hunt
She who knows herself as Huntress

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