Poetry, Sacred Feminine

Tend to your holy flame

Are you grinning and bearing
When to hiss and bare your teeth
Is the real truth of how you feel?

Are you overriding your instinct
To stay pretty and pleasing
All the while undermining
Your Goddess given fire?

Are you biting your tongue instead of wielding the sword of truth that is your word?

Do you love so radically
That you can dare to be disliked?

Are you enduring something that is not okay To keep the peace?Is that true peace?
Or a shallow cover for a deep unrest?

Drop the facade
And let that which breaks you
Liberate you

Burn the outdated
Shake those self-imposed shackles
For the ones who are truly oppressed

Do it for your self
And do it for all

A true mistress can erupt in rage
without losing her cool

She channels her fire for good
Your rage Is a holy force of

Get out of the cage

Do it
Not for rebellion’s sake
But because you love so fiercely
That inaction is not an option
And that silence is not always virtuous
But vicious

Let your heart break open for the world – but be not disheartened
For within you is a hearth

The fervour of your fire is needed now
Be not Timid or tame
Tend to your holy flame


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