Poetry, Sacred Feminine

Reflections on my Vision Quest (a poem)

Art by Autumn Skye

One fated day
I set foot into the Mystery
Abandoning my history

Cloistered from the world
Yet unable to hide

I am stripped backto my barest essence

Ancient one
I greet the trees
the stones
the leaves

Ancient one
They greet me back

Eye to eye
I see and I am seen

Night falls
Smoke and thunder fill the air
In the darkness I can see
Unafraid, I befriend the creatures of the night
the ones I had shunned

Mother takes me onto her lap
and insists that I rest
I know not to resist

My feet are blackened by ash
My eyes aching for a vision

I let her hold me,
my body supple in her trusty arms
I soften as she strokes my hair with her gnarly hands
Doting on me as only a grandmother would
Anointing my wounds with the balm of her love

I rest
For the tiredness of the world

I rest
For the weariness of my ancestors

I rest
For the exhaustion of battles long fought

I rest
And the weight of these burdens
Is received by her

Knots unravelling
Tensions melting

I drink
Oh how I drink
From the bosom that never runs dry
Nourishing my depths
Quenching this eternal thirst of my soul

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