Medicine of the rose, Poetry, Sacred Feminine

Ancient remembering: The way of the rose

Every time I press her petals between my palms,
Or rest her head against my heart
Or upon my cheek
An ancient reverence arises in me;

A remembering from long before this time
A stream of wisdom blessed by lineages
of both blood
And light

A love that is unconditional and universal
And at the same time deeply personal

An intimacy that stirs so much sweetness from within 🍯

A scent that transports me
to gardens of eden
and temples of old,
and now
all at once

‘Heaven is here’,
She insists

And by her grace
I know this truth for myself

Again and again
Kindred ones come
when I honour rose –
It’s just how it goes

To be seen through the eye of the rose
Is to be known by the grandmothers
and the Great Goddess Herself

I renew my vow
To walk this sacred way of the Rose

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