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Becoming Miss Rose

Jasmine Rose at heart
Three years ago, I officially became Miss Rose. This spring equinox (today!) is my re-birthday.
Changing my name legally was a sacrament I felt deeply called to, and I can honestly say it has changed my life subtly yet profoundly. ♥️

What’s in a name?

For me, it feels substantial.

It is a signature of soul

An incantation when spoken aloud

Rose is my lineage
And my legacy
Rose is synonymous with Goddess - she to whom I am probably WAY more wildly devoted than I let on 😅
The deep ravine within her every fold is a portal
Into the depths of the Mystery
She wields her sword within every thorn
Protecting her sacred softness

She gives freely of her beauty and fragrance
Yet she commands respect

Her prized fragrance is an elixir from the heavens
She who arises from the earth
and flowers with the touch of the sun -
her adoring lover ☀️
The spirit of the red rose is my invisible talisman
My protectress
Her thorns pierce through to the sacred center of my heart, and the heart of my womb
And stirs my innermost longing for the Beloved
Her beauty touches me so deeply - whether budding, blooming or withering
When I signed those papers, I made a vow to the Goddess
There is a power in ritual - even though this one took place in a government office, high up on an upper floor of an inner city skyscraper

As I signed those four rounded letters, feeling the delight of the curves of the “R” the “O” the “S” and the “E”

I consecrated my life
to walking the beauty way

This path of love is sublime
And it also unearths all that is in love’s way
The rose is as fierce as she is sweet
Queen of the flowers
Your beauty intoxicates me
Your wisdom inspires me
Your medicine heals me
I bow so deeply, in reverent gratitude for your teachings and your immense, awe-inspiring love.

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