Sacred Feminine

The yogini’s revelation

I don’t fully align with the title of “yoga teacher” anymore, yet I am a yogini at heart. ♥️

I am guided by a deep undercurrent of feminine wisdom; lineages of yoginis whose transmission is ancient, timeless and SO pertinent right now. 🔥


This is a BIG missing piece in most modern yoga offerings, which have their origins in a male lineage of yogis (and most of them have been outed now for sⲉxual abuse).


This is ironic since most teachers and practitioners are women.


My original studies of yoga were no exception.


And while there was a lot of value in what I learnt, there was A LOT my yoga teachers and texts didn't teach me.


I uncovered this for myself via the messy reality of being a woman in a female body, and the swirling of energy in my pelvis that commanded my reverence. 🌹
The more I listened, the more I came to recognise and respect my body as the oracle.
I discovered the womb as a most potent portal of power that I had direct access to - INSIDE my body.
This revelation transformed me profoundly, and it took a lot of unlearning and re-membering to get in touch with myself in this way - even though it is SO natural.
I had to untangle myself from the spiritual dogma and contact my deep inner knowing, which meant unleashing my wildness.
The feminine mysteries revealed themselves through my body - especially when practising in nature.
The revelation of the lineages of yoginis throughout time and space began to shimmer and slither through my body, awakening me to their reality.
I found myself writhing in rapture in ways that would've had me cast out of the traditional yoga schools I had religiously attended.
It's no wonder that a lot of the women’s lineages went underground or weren't documented.
These secret wisdom codes are directly accessible through the body, for those who dare to feel fully and trust deeply.
These are the codes I am here to embody and transmit.



This is what I share in Shakti Yoga, and will be sharing in my upcoming Shakti Yoga immersion, which is a 12-week deep dive into feminine embodiment. 🔻



P.S. If you are a yoga teacher like me who feels dissillusioned by the industry and drawn to embody and teach the feminine way, my certification program is starting soon - send me a message to set up a time to chat about this!
Art : Kali Yantra by Kali Levitov

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