Remember and be re-membered

Here is another poem inspired by my recent Vision Quest :

What can I say of the unspeakable?
Of the secrets shared in the most intimate moments with the Lover of my Soul?
How can my words capture
the tender caress of breeze
and the fragrance of rain?

How can I describe the weight
of something as seemingly unsubstantial
as a butterfly wing?;
The sweetness of the night?

How could I possibly convey
the sensuousness of the vine,
and how that feels in my spine?

and you will hear the echo
of a tear drop on the dust

Let it cleanse the most ancient ache
In your heart

the shimmer of the dragonfly wings
Reflected in the glint of your eye

Let it transport you into worlds beyond time

the scent of smoke and thunder that fill the air

Let it stir ancestral knowing;
The wisdom in your bones

Open your senses wide,
And be re-membered

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