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Venus diaries

I’m kneeling at the altar of the Goddess
Knees wide
Hips submerging into the deep red linen upon my bed
Which plunges me into scarlet realms of mystery

It’s broad daylight but the curtains are drawn
Because I like it dark

I start to swoon as the music sweeps me into sweet sensation
My long hair cascades down my back
And brushes across the back of my heart
Causing unimaginable delight

My fingertips trace my thighs
Tensions melt and unravel
Revealing a liquid aliveness underneath
That begins coursing through like honey

The more my body moves
The more the inner pathways open to receive
This inpouring of nectar
From the chalice of the Goddess

My motion causes the strap of my silk top
To slip off my shoulder
All by itself
In that moment I seduce myself

There is something so illicit
about the innocent,
Don’t you think?

The sheer silk still covering my breasts
Gives such a delicious sensation,

Particularly when my fingertips trace their shape
Through the fabric

Each touch is like coming home

I keep melting; deepening

Something stirs in my spine
And I ride the currents that move me in the most subtle but ecstatic ways

Pathways of delight that lead nowhere
And everywhere,
Endlessly spiralling

I melt into this bliss
Where nothing else exists


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