Musings, Sacred Feminine

Don’t call me a girl

Please don’t call me ‘girl’,
Or classify me as ‘one of the girls.’

I’m not a girl- I’m a woman
And my womanhood has been hard-earned

When someone calls me ‘girl’ it feels so out of alignment with who I deeply know myself to be

I feel a visceral sensation of contraction; I recoil

There are so many figures of speech that are so normalised – and I’m noticing this is one of them.

I believe language is a reflection of our culture :
A culture that lacks true rites of passage into womanhood
A culture that exalts maidenhood,
and that I believe is intimidated by true embodied womanhood –

She who is …
Her own woman
Not daddy’s girl
Not belonging to any institution or religion
Or any man

She who is not ‘one of the girls’
But a woman amongst women

The more I refine my word
The more sensitive I am to the way that words are misused;
To the way words can do harm
Perpetuating paradigms that I no longer subscribe to

Our words are how we create our world
And I’m here to embody and call forth the mature feminine;
To offer rites of womanhood

I feel that changing the languaging around this is important.

I feel the same way when someone refers to me as ‘guys’
I’m not a guy either
I’m a woman
And I’m proud to be a woman

Wield your words with wisdom
Our words are spells,
So use them wisely

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