Poetry, Sacred Feminine, Womb wisdom

You cannot spiritualise the root chakra

You cannot spiritualise the root chakra.

To be balanced, whole and holy
Wholly here
You must get down and dirty

Let the grace of gravity
Take you down



Is your addiction to spirituality
And obsession with purity denying you of your depth?
And your holy humanness?
The beauty of the mess?

Does keeping your vibe high
Mean you are walking around cut in half
All love and light
Demonising the dark?

The innocence of the animal
Is worthy of welcome
The grit and the grime
The blood and the bone

dissolve the old
Embrace the all

Unleash everything you’ve ever denied
Every primal cry
Every unsung song
The buried rage and grief
Give it time
For much of it is ancient

Inanna knows
From the underworld she arose
as queen of heaven
And the earth

Not one or the other
But both

Above is not better than below
They marry in the middle
Your body is their bridal chamber
Their lovemaking is ecstatic
Soul and spirit intertwine

They belong together
And they long to be together

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