Sacred Feminine

Mary Magdalene – who she is to me

After years of worshiping the Goddess in many of her wondrous forms, Mary Magdalene nonchalantly graced my path.

What has been most profound for me is that she walked the earth as a human woman. That she experienced pain, heartbreak, passion, and the most excruciating love.

She arrived like a sister, right by my side. In fact, she had been there all along, but finally I had the eyes to see.

She was a holy woman, and she was a whole woman.
Holding the codes for sacred union within and without.
She was both worldly and otherworldly.

Some say that she too, like me, was devotee of Kali; an initiate of Isis as a temple priestess; a tantric adept (which is probably why she was mistakenly called a prostitute).

Indeed, she was a mistress of the healing arts, an outspoken and revolutionary teacher in a time where misogyny and religion were synonymous.

She both witnessed and was responsible for miracles .And her presence in my life has confirmed her connection with the miraculous.

Legend has it that at Jesus’s crucifixion, when Magdalene wept, roses bloomed from the soil where her tears landed.

Traditionally, she is honoured on her Feast Day – July 22nd – today.

And let it be known – I am not traditional at all! Mary Magdalene’s path was a radical one. And so is mine.

She has revealed herself to me as the red rose, and presented herself as an ally for healing of sexuality, a reclamation of the erotic innocence of the body – especially the womb ;reuniting the masculine and feminine within.

A wisdom keeper whose transmission can be received directly through the body.

Her footsteps left such a strong imprint on this earth. So much so, that I unknowingly followed them at 20 years old, stepping upon the soil where it is believed she arrived in France after fleeing Jerusalem.

At this time my heart was burning, long before I had any real clue how to be with the intensity of longing. It was an initiation before I had any idea what it meant to be initiated.

And that was just the beginning!

She was the most beloved of Yeshua; an incredible teacher in her own right, and her lineages that went underground are resurfacing, now.

Tonight, I will gather with 18 sisters who heard the call to celebrate Mary Magdalene’s life and live out her legacy of love.

Although I’ve never sat in circle with many of these sisters before, it feels more like a re-union than a first time gathering. Fully owning this Magdalena energy within me has brought near the most sublime sisters… a growing sisterhood of the rose .

Tonight, we will remember her. I feel like she is remembering herself through us. And this remembering is happening in the now – at this time on earth where the radical love that Magdalene embodied is so very needed. ♥️

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