Womb wisdom

The real reason I take time out when I bleed

Art by Kaori Pintura

When I tell people that I take time off when I’m bleeding, many assume it’s because I experience painful periods. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

My experience of menstruation is so PLEASURABLE and I want to be able to fully relish it without distraction.

Imagine if you had an incredible lover who is only in town 2 days a month – you would make sure not to plan anything and to keep the days totally free, right??! 🔥That’s exactly how it is with bleeding for me.

I believe it is the very fact that I take time off when I’m bleeding that I DON’T experience painful periods (one of the reasons).

By attuning to my womb and going with her cycles, my cycles are regular and healthy. Thankfully my cycle almost always like clockwork, which helps me to schedule my life around it.

I enter an altered state of consciousness when I bleed. I am in touch with the full magic of my female body.

It’s precious and I want to SAVOUR it!

This is my monthly reset, AND the time where the veils are thinned. 🌙

I get my best creative downloads, write potent poetry, and feel a deep ecstatic connection to nature.

So I make myself fully available to listen, receive and of course to release as my womb sheds and prepares to begin her cycle anew. 🐍

I know that this is possible for all women, and I fully advocate for this. Sadly, most don’t slow down enough to fully drop in to this possibility.

Patriarchal conditioning is to push through. To get on with things as usual.

I hear way too many women who pop painkillers while they’re bleeding so they aren’t inconvenienced by the sensations in their womb 😔 (I’ve got another post brewing about that- watch this space).

I have heard more workplaces are offering menstrual leave now which is amazing – is anyone here working for someone that honours this time in this way??

Anyway… this is coming from the heart of my womb as I deepen in on day 2 of my cycle… not to mention, we are coming up to new moon so I felt to speak to this piece and to plant a seed of possibility, for the love of wombs ♥️

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