Medicine of the rose, Poetry

Red rose running through my veins

Red rose
Running through my veins

Queen of flowers
Goddess in bloom

Rooted deep in the earth,
a messenger from the stars

Like mine,
Your body is a portal that bridges dimensions

Ushering in radiant ruby-red realities
Your unbroken red thread of womb wisdom
Reconnects me to the Lineage of Love
The Grandmothers throughout time

Your resplendent glory
Rekindles the rose flame in my heart and womb; 🔥

Ignites my passion to be here
In love
To embody your beauty

You bestow endless blessings
I open ever wider to receive your grace

I open my senses, my heart, my body to your intoxicating fragrance
The very scent of love

I cherish the taste of your sweet, sweet medicine
Nectar on my tongue
Honey in my heart

Blooming within in my womb
Gushing forth as red rivers
And wellsprings of crystalline waters

You remind me of my power to create
My role in birthing heaven on earth,

Consecrating the body;
Sanctifying the senses;

Reinstating the Goddess Gate –
The holy yoni

Restoring the temples, within and without
Re-uniting the sisters of the Rose 🌹

Restoring the original template of the womb –

Pure creative potentiality
Multidimensional pleasure
Sacred union within

This spiral dance of life
Is swirling within the chalice of my pelvis
The birthplace of all of creation
Mingling with the innocence of my sacred heart

Red Rose 🌹 Mother of us all

Wrap me in your thousand-petalled embrace

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