Poetry, Sacred Feminine

I am She

I am the place
Where purity meets passion
Where the mystery meets the mundane
Where earth and heaven consummate
Their irresistible love for each other

I am the undercurrent
The pulse of red that courses through your veins
The wellspring of living waters
Gushing forth from the womb of the earth

I provoke pleasure
And incite your deepest delight

I am found in the midst of your pain
In the heart of chaos
And at the height of rapture

I am everywhere else in between
There is no crevice where I am not
My source is Beyond
Yet I am right here,

You will find me
In the hidden places
You never thought to look

Look in the mirror
And you will see me

I hide so you can take pleasure in finding me
I reveal myself so you can revel in the seeing of my shimmering Reality

You’ll find me when you rest instead of reach
When you give up the control you never had
And give up on giving up

Surrender Is not another thing to do
Let it undo you

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