Medicine of the rose, Musings

The fertile darkness

We can easily appreciate the beauty of a rose, but can we appreciate the depths of her root system?

The time she spent completely in the dark as a seed before bursting through the soil?

I was recently fascinated to learn that the seed of a rose stays buried in the earth for quite some time before she becomes a shoot.

In the capitalist culture that gives so much weight to what is seen,
Where the product is given precedence over the process,
There is an undervaluing of the the unseen and unknown;
The liminal spaces of in-between, where not much seems to be happening.

And yet this darkness is fertile and a necessary part of the cycles of creation 🌙

The Feminine path honours the process as holy;
As a spiral path – not destination-focussed, but …

Birthing-Blossoming-Withering-Dying-Rebirthing 🥀

The descent into the darkness is a holy and necessary pilgrimage into our own depths

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