Staying awake amidst the chaos

Let’s not downplay what we are facing as a global family right now. We must stay AWAKE. A lot of people have said things to me like “life goes on” these past few days, as if to brush off what is very challenging to face right now.

Life goes on, yes, but not as we’ve known it.

And for this, I inwardly rejoice.

EVERYTHING is changing right now, and things will NOT be the same.

I get it. It’s confronting. I’m feeling it too.

Our under prepared nervous systems can only take so much.

Yet we are way more resilient that we realise. And WE are stronger than the systems that are our now collapsing.

It is OUR time to rise. And yep, it’s going to be messy. Such is BIRTH. The chaos and death we are being confronted with is a necessary precursor to the rebirth that we are in the painful throes of.

This shake up is our chance to wake up.

I take comfort in the deeper knowing that while we bear what is uncomfortable a wonderful new way is emerging. A blending of the ancient ways and wisdom with the new technologies we now have available – especially the spiritual technologies that are giving birth to a whole new paradigm.

This, I am celebrating.

I know many are wishfully thinking “this will blow over soon”, or “when will I wake up from this bad dream”- but the challenges we now face are here to help us to wake up – we simply COULD NOT GO ON living as we have been living.

This has been coming for some time. And my sense is it will take some time for us to move through this. Equally, our evolution is accelerating – so things are changing quickly.

Many of us have been doing the work – “preparing” so to speak for some time now – and now it is really time to put everything we’ve been cultivating into practice – ESPECIALLY for the ones who are suffering right now. Especially for the ones on the frontlines. And for our beautiful planet herself.

This will bring out the worst of us.

Literally it will bring it out our demons. It already is.
This means facing everything.

And it will also bring out the best in us. Strength, inner resources, and gifts we didn’t even know we had.

On a personal level, I am feeling this. This last month has been filled with initiations into leadership, and I’m starting to get why. And this is just the beginning.

Take care beloved friends
Be mindful not to overwhelm your system
But keep your eyes open
Keep your hearts open, if at all possible
Stay open to the gifts.
Look after yourself and each other!

I KNOW we’ve got this.

We were born for these times.

This image is of White Buffalo Calf woman, of the Lakota tradition, painted beautifully by Peter Engelhardt.

She came through very strongly after I wrote this post and interestingly her prophecy was that she would return would be in a time of big crisis and great upheaval, shortly before the “great cleaning of the earth“.

This feels like exactly what is happening right now.

I love you ♥️

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