Is there wisdom in your not-readiness?

A sentiment that is being echoed resoundingly by women in my circles is that they are “not ready” yet.

As restrictions begin to ease slowly here in Australia, they are not ready to return to the pace and ways of being that they feel they “should”.

Can you relate?

To be honest, when the word “should” shows up on my inner radar, I immediately scrutinise the running narrative with suspicion, which reeks of the internalised patriarchy so many of us have mistaken for our own inner guidance.

If you’re feeling this too, I want to remind you – we have a choice.  We are  NOT dictated by what everybody else seems to be doing  (things are not normally as they seem, anyway!). 

And – chances are, you can TRUST this feeling of not-readiness.

Nature has her timing and her wisdom. This is what we have forgotten.  Or, more accurately – this is what we are remembering.


A caterpillar inside the cocoon literally transforms all of its body parts in order to take form as a butterfly.

This beautiful becoming requires a complete unbecoming first.

We can’t gloss over the necessity of this complete disintegration.


Photo: Neil Krug

It’s time we disown this internalised patriarchy – which means taking responsibility for the beliefs we’ve taken on, and digging a little deeper to find out what is REALLY true.

This is where pulling our awareness inwardly is essential.  Here, we cannot be so swayed.  Now is the time to strengthen our inner authority and our trust in it.  To familiarise ourselves with the voice of our own inner knowing. 

Much like a cocoon, on the outside it might look like nothing is happening, and yet a phenomenal metamorphosis is taking place.

I too have had some concern… are we ready to emerge?  I kind of feel like we have just scratched the surface.

But that only compels me to go deeper.  And to keep stoking my soul fire and stepping up in leadership.

.•° ✿ °•.

So – if you are not ready, what’s the hurry?

Are you willing to honour what YOU know is needed?

What expectations are you placing on yourself?

Who are you listening to? 

°•. ✿ .•°

I am listening to the earth. I am listening to the trees. The birds. The breeze. Nature re-orients me to the wisdom within, without fail.

And she speaks of this metamorphosis, which cannot be rushed, pushed or forced. there is absolutely no hurry.  This is the old way that we are breaking free from.

And the way forward is of OUR CREATION.

The revolution that is needed now requires our participation. Interestingly, many call this rippling out of our actions “the butterfly effect”. 

What we choose matters.

So, what are you choosing???

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