The Great Rewilding

The intimacy that nature herself has longed for with us is being rekindled now;⁣
This great love affair that our life depends on 💙

At last, we turn towards her ⁣
She, who never turned away from us ⁣

All those times we were ‘too busy’⁣
She waited;⁣

She whispered ⁣
As we drowned out our body wisdom ⁣
and burdened our senses⁣
Her beauty unnoticed⁣

Our addiction to “creature” comforts ⁣
cut us off from our knowledge of the wild; ⁣
the instincts that our ancestors had intact – ⁣
those who we must call upon now for guidance⁣

We lost our way for a while⁣

Our complacency and preference for convenience;⁣
Our distorted priorities⁣
Shut off our access to the wealth of inner resources ⁣
And the riches of the earth⁣
that we have consistently taken for granted ⁣
or downright disrespected ⁣

But not anymore ⁣

A new way is opening⁣

If this is what it takes to bring us to our knees – then I welcome it all⁣

The earth is regenerating herself now 🌱
By the grace of the Mother, ⁣
She is sweeping the rug right out from under our feet. ⁣

It is time for being humbled⁣
Our pride must crumble⁣

Yes, her grace may be savage – or so it seems ⁣

Be not disillusioned, ⁣
for this is the great dissolution ⁣
of all that has been keeping us separate and bound⁣


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