Musings, Sacred Feminine

I like it slow

Most people assume that if they slow down,
They’ll miss out

I believe this:
If we move too fast,
We miss out

Sometimes when I teach Shakti Yoga, I get the feedback that it’s sooo unusually slow. A lot of people aren’t used to that.

I guess my pace is much slower than what’s “out there” in the world at large.

This is something I’ve chosen to cultivate:

To breathe slower
Talk slower
To slow down enough to properly feel…
all my feelings
And especially pleasure;
To properly savour it

So many opportunities to relish in the senses are missed when we are fixated on getting somewhere other than where we are

This is why my Shakti Yoga classes are never less than 2.5 hours
The pace is unhurried
There is a luxuriousness in the way we move
Plenty of space is allowed for integrating the movement practices, and to cherish the inner currents streaming through the subtle body.

Some people find this confronting; excruciating even …

I guess because of the habitual pace they’ve become accustomed to

And of course, when one slows down, we cannot hide from our feelings, and the deeper truths revealed through the wisdom of our bodies

I fully get that it can be easier, and perhaps even necessary sometimes, to override uncomfortable feelings with overstimulation, and over-doing

Not to mention – our culture fully normalises that!

I’m not saying there’s not a time for dynamism. For sure. There is.

But this, my friends, is an invitation to take it slow
And to let the vibrant dynamic pulsation at the heart of existence reveal itself to us, in all of its scintillating splendour

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