Poetry, Sacred Feminine, The Sacred Erotic

From the heart of Her: Venusian delight

My limbs sprawl like the stars in the dusk sky
My spine supple
Body alive

I take pleasure in the prickling of the dry grass against my naked skin
I slither and writhe in the delight of being alive🐍

The steady mountain bears witness
Firm in presence
I melt some more
And merge my face into her lap
Breathing in the sweet scent of her
A scent that stirs primordial memories

The ecstatic cry of the cockatoos
And the raucous cackle of the kookaburras
Invites me into the realm of the feathered ones
And for a moment I have wings 🦅

My gaze is drawn to the luminous jewel
Of Lady Venus above 🌟
And I feel her jewel brighten within my body
Here on earth as the Lover I am 🌹

Beauty arising endlessly
Blissfully entangled with Creation
My rapture dissolves the pain of feeling separate

Knowing this so viscerally
I cannot feel alone
Yet at once, it is all for me
Just for me
This intimacy ♥️

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