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A peek inside the temple.. and why I create these spaces for women

👐🏽 For a long time I felt something was missing in my connections with women. Talking seemed to be the default way of connecting with girlfriends, but often I would feel drained after hours of conversation (talking can be tiring!). It just didn’t satisfy me on all the levels I longed to connect. ⁣.

⁣Although I LOVE good conversation with the women in my life, something I really needed from my connections with women was TOUCH, yet I had NO idea how to approach this. ⁣
When I first discovered women’s temple practices through Awakening Women Institute it was like coming home. ⁣

It was the sweetest of nectars to both RECEIVE & also let loving touch flow through me as an offering (even if we’d never exchanged words!). ⁣🐝

This totally dissolved the taboos I had grown up with around touch which seemed to be something reserved for lovers. It also helped to break through the spiritual upbringing I received that overlooked our human needs for the sake of spiritual development 🤢

I LOVE connecting with women in the ritual space of the temple, because we connect nonverbally & on many different levels – from the mystical to the sensual.⁣

When I hold women’s temple spaces, I consistently witness women MELTING into each other’s touch. ⁣

This is something that feels SO natural, nurturing & deeply healing. It helps us shift from some of the shadows of the sisterhood such as competitiveness into true connection. ⁣

This creates totally new templates for how we relate to other women AND the kinds of women we attract into our lives – and also gives us the courage to initiate new ways of connecting that are deeply nourishing. ⁣

A couple of years back when I was going through a healing crisis I invited a group of women over & asked if they would hold & carress me. They did – in fact we all took turns. This was so empowering & totally life changing for me. ⁣

If you crave connection with women that goes deeper & wider than just talking, then I invite you to join me in my beloved temple space for one of my upcoming offerings in a beautiful ritual atmosphere.

Also, I’m curious – what do you long for in your connections with women???⁣ Share away in the comments!

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