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Creating from the womb

Nestled in the womb of the earth

This womb-like hollow within the earth on the land where I live has always called me.

Being held within the womb of the Mother is such deep medicine.

Plunging my awareness into my own womb space has the same effect. It is the seat of my sovereignty.

The womb is both a place for holding (and being held) as much as it is a place of release and birth.

The relationship between the womb & the earth is symbiotic.

A woman with an alliance with her womb power is inherently aligned with the wisdom of the earth.

When I guide women in inhabiting their womb space (which also refers to the spirit of the womb if she doesn't have a uterus), she almost always discovers that the womb is carrying energetic imprints or baggage, which can obstruct her pure creative power.

This might be from a past or present lover, ancestral patterns, collective feminine wounding, medical or s𝓮xual trauma - to name a few (and is nothing to be ashamed of!)

The beauty & power of clearing the womb space regularly & bringing consciousness to this space within the pelvis is that conscious creation can take place.  (Check out my womb clearing meditation if you need support with this!)

We can gestate whatever we desire to create 🍎 - and to hold it safe within the womb until it is ripe.

The womb is the place I create from.That’s why I often talk about “birthing” something or “rebirthing” myself.

Aligning with the cycles of the womb (or the moon 🌙) is a powerful way to become congruent with the natural abundance of energy, and the source of creative inspiration that is soul-aligned.

I'd love to hear how this resonates for you in the comments below!

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