Sacred Feminine

The art of receiving

It’s a popular notion to “go for what you want”. But I’m choosing to let life come to me.

To rest back in this way is calling for a deep trust. And I trust more deeply than I ever have.
I am in a phase of deep receiving right now.
Receiving is not passive -
It is open and available
It requires relaxation and a permeability;
A laying down of armour
For women there is often a false sense of safety in over-giving
As a way of gaining “love” and approval; proving our worthiness
The truth is - We are worthy because we exist

Are you giving from a need to be “good”?

Or as an expression of sincere, natural generosity, which I believe is only possible if one is able to receive

I see so many women in tireless cycles of striving, proving, producing, seeking
No wonder they are exhausted

More often than not, to deeply and truly receive is the edge.

In the work I do with women, I regularly witness the vulnerability that comes when invited to receive.

And the absolute beauty of a woman who lets life in.

For now I’m increasing my threshold to receive,
And to truly let it all in
I am being emptied out and filled up all at once
I know at some point the pouring-in will spill out
and become an outpouring
I wish not only to be self-sourced from within (that’s the easy part for me! )
but to be supported by those around me too

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