Poetry, Sacred Feminine

Forget what they told you about love

jasmine rose flaming

Forget what they told you about love
Remember what you really hunger for

Temper the temptation
To reach for that which you will never grasp
Be humoured
by the fickleness of your fantasies
Untangle from delusion
For the reality of love is more than you’ve dreamed of
And nothing like you could imagine
It is SO familiar
So deeply intimate
That your mind will doubt it
Come closer
This, beloved,
Is the relentless romance
That does not fade or falter
Even in your absence
It is present
There is no honeymoon phase,
Yet this love is dripping
With honey
Like a fount that pours forth nectar
From the core of existence
Let it trickle in
Drip by drip
Quenching your eternal thirst
I know you’re exhausted, my love
From the endless search
For that which was never missing
Fathomless rest
awaits you here -
if you dare to let go
As you drop your armour
Be so enamoured
That you forget your name
Fall so madly in love
Your soul knows how
So, surrender
Fall into the bliss
of the abyss
Let your arrows of desire
Pierce the heart
Of the one who was never, ever
apart from you
And so inextricably
a part of you


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