Musings, Sacred Feminine

Your longing is not desperate

🔥 Your longing is not desperate.

It is a holy invitation ⁣

Your longing is not needy – your longing is wise. ⁣
It arises from the soul’s remembrance⁣ of communion with spirit ⁣

Dare to feel it fully⁣

Make space for it ⁣
Expand your threshold ⁣
For the burning of this yearning ⁣

Welcome it all the way in ⁣
To the vast caverns of your heart ⁣

Be quiet here ⁣
For it longs to reveal to you secrets ⁣

Tempting as it is to turn away⁣
Be not fooled into the ceaseless search for its fulfilment ⁣
in a relationship, ⁣
a wish come true,⁣
a getting something or somewhere, ⁣

Be awestruck by that which is so intimately available⁣
Here ⁣

If only you stay with it ⁣

For your longing is a portal ⁣

Follow its thread, back to where it came from ⁣
To the place your soul knows as its origin⁣

Your longing is divine⁣
It is natural that you want to go home ⁣

When you befriend your longing⁣
Or even better – ⁣
Bow down to it ⁣
Submit ⁣

Melt so fully into the arms⁣
Of the very one who planted that seed of longing into your heart⁣

Dissolve into the vast embrace of the beloved
Who is so patiently awaiting⁣
Your return ❤️

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