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The female body is a portal into the mystical

‘Mandorla’ means almond in Italian and it describes the sacred shape of the vulva 🐚

The same shape as the vertical third eye on the forehead of many of the Goddesses of the eastern traditions. 𐊔

So many spiritual traditions connect wisdom with the upper energy centres only.

Yet, let it be known that in the female body there is immense wisdom in the so called ‘lower’ centres.

And I’m not even talking about energy centres, but the body itself.

The yoni is a threshold;
a portal between the worlds.

The yoni is the sacred passageway between the womb and the earth

I always teach that womb and the earth belong in symbiotic relationship with each other

Most women have forgotten this
Even though their bodies deeply know this truth

The mandorla is the also the overlapping section of the Vesica pisces- two overlapping circles.

In sacred geometry this symbolises the meeting place of spirit and matter,

heaven and earth,

divine and human –

in other words, the union of apparent opposites.

Where the circles overlap represents the liminal space – 🖤

Reminding us that truly, the female body is a portal into the mystical.

This sacred rock pool is on the way to a sacred women’s site – A vulva-shaped crevice within a huge rock wall where I held a powerful initiatory rite as part of last years retreat for the Shakti Yoga teacher traineeswhen this photo was taken 🧜‍♀️)

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