The grace of grief

This year I danced deeply with grief.
I know I’m not the only one 😉
And I’m seeing that grief and gratitude are inseparable.
For me, gratitude is less a “practice”, and more of a spontaneous arising
An awe and wonder as the heart opens
And particularly when the heart is broken open
As we let grief cleanse our hearts
We uncover gratitude
beneath, and even within
the grief
Gratitude is the grace that is bestowed
When one is willing to feel fully
To cry the uncried tears 💦
To give voice to the unspoken words
To unleash the unexpressed rage
To tenderly hold the silent heartbreak
Layer upon layer
Achingly, and patiently
We taste the sweetness
Because we’ve tasted the bitter
These last weeks I’ve cried many tears of gratitude
I’ve tasted them and relished their sweet saltiness
I've taken pleasure in the hot wetness upon my cheeks
Gratitude has a way of filling the heart to overflowing
And spilling out
The inner experience of gratitude
Transforms into an outward expression of generosity
As love,
Unable to be contained

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