Poetry, The Sacred Erotic

Holy desire

O holy desire,
My passion fire is ablaze 🔥

I resist the temptation
To spread like wildfire
To chase and hunt my prey
And instead I pray
With all my fervour,
I am on fire
I let the flames
of this sacrificial fire
Consume me
I let the intensity build
And I let it burn
It burns away my petty infatuations
And illuminates my projections
My misplaced affections are diverted
To the One I adore the most
It melts me as I merge
Into to the fiery core within
It hurtles me into the heart
of the original desire
For the One
The place from which all desires are born
The sacred pillar of the divine masculine,
the Shiva lingam,
the Christ Light,
he rises now within me
Resurrected at last
I adore him with my all
I hereby unite my desire with my devotion
I consummate my eros with my love
I pour it into everything I do
Every touch, every step, every gaze
Tempering it first in my heart
With the diamond purity and
absolute innocence of love
For the love of God,
I dedicate it to Life itself,
in the highest service
And the deepest reverence
For this creative force that birthed me
This holy spirt
That moves me
That rebirths me again and again

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